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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Megumi Satsu -- Silicone Lady

Last month, I was introduced to a most interesting lady and singer in the figure of Megumi Satsu(薩めぐみ). As I mentioned in her debut article on the blog, "Je M'aime", although she was listed as a chanson singer, so far, I've seen her as someone who fully engaged her New Wave.

Case in point: her 1984 "Silicone Lady". I couldn't find the lyrics for this song that had me thinking of some of the more avant-garde music from Canada and the UK that I heard back in that same decade. However, according to one site, "Silicone Lady is a cheesy hi-NRG track with insane lyrics about a crazy doctor who gave birth to a female robot who tries to emancipate from his evil creator… ". Hmm...I wonder if it had been inspired by the Fritz Lang movie "Metropolis" in some way. In any case, growing up with music back in the 1980s, it does have that technopoppy appeal that had me interested in bands like The Spoons and Visage.

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