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Friday, October 23, 2015

Kanako Wada -- Hello My Radio

From the same duo of Kanako Wada/和田加奈子 (lyrics) and Hiroyuki Izuta/伊豆田洋之 (music) who came up with the hauntingly beautiful anime ballad "Ano Sora wo Dakishimete"(あの空を抱きしめて), here is a much more bouncier tune, "Hello My Radio" from Wada's 5th album "Vocu" (1988). Not quite sure what happened during the production of the album but the cover, the liner notes and even the CD have spelled the first word in the title "Hellow".

Starting off with a Doobie Bros. riff, Kanako sings about her love for the good ol' radio which was the prime source of pop entertainment before the television came in. I was born long after the telly made its presence known, but there was a period during high school and university in which my gray tape-recorder radio was indispensable for hearing the latest hits and remixes...and of course, "Sounds of Japan". "Hello My Radio" just served as a nostalgic reminder of how I used to get my first listen to music before the Internet took over.

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