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Friday, October 9, 2015

Kiyomi Suzuki -- Give Me Your Love Tonight

Just love that "City Hunter" soundtrack from the 1980s. I was listening to it once again today while I was's nice to hear that City Pop can apply to the anime world as well. Of course, there is that wonderful "Ai yo Kienai de"(愛よ消えないで)by Kahoru Kohiruimaki(小比類巻かほる)as the first opening theme song for the show which just invites you for a drive into the bright lights of Tokyo.

But then after that drive in the sports car through Roppongi and Shinjuku, you and your date would probably just love to hit one of those rooftop skyscraper bars in that latter neighbourhood of Tokyo. And once you two arrive there in the elevator, that's when this particular song comes in. I only knew chanteuse Kiyomi Suzuki(鈴木聖美)for the fine and karaoke-friendly "Lonely Chaplin" and "Taxi", but I've got another great song of hers in my memory now, and it's "Give Me Your Love Tonight" from that same soundtrack. I would have just loved to have taken in that panoramic view of downtown Tokyo from 50 floors up while listening to this one. However, I think listening to this in the car stereo would also have sufficed as the couple drove on the highway in The Big Sushi.

In any case, there is a hint of ol' Motown in the languid melody by Ryoichi Kuniyoshi(国吉良一)...some nice evening soul in there. And Linda Hennrick provided the English lyrics. I'm not sure when that first "City Hunter" soundtrack came out, but I will take a guess at the year 1988. Feel free to correct me if I'm obviously wrong. 

Lastly I wondered about the male singer who comes in at the end. One fellow online thought he sounded like Barry White. Well, I think that might be none other than Kiyomi's kid brother, cool crooner Masayuki Suzuki(鈴木雅之).

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