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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Marina Watanabe -- Ballad wo Kikinagara (バラードを聞きながら)

(excerpt only)

As long as I was referring back to that old compilation LP from which I plucked a song which became the subject of my last article, I thought why not try another track. And compared to the rock/traditional of Ryudogumi(竜童組), this song is solidly in sweet aidoruville. By the way, the above video is just dark; the song will play.

Marina Watanabe's(渡辺満里奈)"Ballad wo Kikinagara"(As I'm Listening to a Ballad) wasn't released as a single but it was placed on this compilation. Originally, it was from her 2nd album, "Evergreen" which came out in September 1987. Written by Ayuko Ishikawa(石川あゆ子)and composed by Masayuki Kishi(岸正之), the song is anything but a ballad with images of stars and My Little Pony following young Marina on the yellow brick road. Although the lyrics are about Marina pining over that lost love while she's listening to that song that her former beau had once played in his room, the bouncy music just says that she'll be back on her feet in no time kibbutzing with her classmates at the nearby fast food shop. Maybe I've been watching too much anime.

Since it wasn't an official single, I doubt that the song ever got performed on "The Best 10" and the like, but if it had, it would probably have had Marina in a fluffy dress with a bunch of guys in bow ties, pork pie hats and walking canes dancing around her. Maybe I've been watching too many ranking shows.

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