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Friday, October 2, 2015

Iruka -- Lost Love

Lost love? Long lost singers....I haven't put up an article about Iruka(イルカ)in well over a year. Gonna have to rectify that.

I came across Iruka's "Lost Love" from her BEST album of 1989, although it originally came out as her 20th single from August 1983 and as a track on her 11th album from the same year, "Loop Child". It might be me, but there is something faintly Carpenters-esque about this song that she created...might be the loopy steel pedal guitar. And there's also something Chaplinesque about it as well; the lyrics about a poor guy getting the dreaded "Let's just be friends" speech from his girlfriend combined with the music had me thinking about "Lost Love" being rather sad and comical.

Also not sure where the "Jemima my love" lyric came from, but I also had thoughts of pancakes and artificial syrup whenever Iruka sang the line. "Lost Love", by the way, was the theme song for a TBS drama that had its 4 months of fame in 1983, "Osarabazaka ni Hi ga Noboru"(オサラバ坂に陽が昇る...The Sun Rises on Osaraba Hill)which starred Iruka herself.

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