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Friday, August 28, 2015

Candies -- Anata ni Muchu (あなたに夢中)

The last time I wrote about the famed aidoru trio of Candies(キャンディーズ), it was about their spiritually final single in 1978, "Hohoemigaeshi"(微笑がえし)which pretty much threw in every reminder regarding Miki, Su and Ran.

But this time, I'm going all the way back to the beginning. To 1973, to be specific. Candies debuted with "Anata ni Muchu" (Crazy for You) in September of that year, and like "Hohoemigaeshi", it was a song that I had heard before but hadn't known the title or its place in Candies' history. As with all debuts of legendary singers/bands, it's interesting to see and hear these ladies in the beginning. "Anata ni Muchu", which was written by Michio Yamagami(山上路夫)and composed by Koichi Morita(森田公一), had them singing with a slightly bigger emphasis on different harmonies, and Su was in the centre position as she would be for the early singles up to their first big hit, "Toshi Shita no Otoko no Ko"(年下の男の子)in 1975, when Ran would be switched in as the permanent centre.

Candies' debut single peaked at No. 36. It was also a track on the unit's debut album, "Anata ni Muchu - Uchiki na Candies" (あなたに夢中〜内気なキャンディーズ〜...Crazy for You - Bashful Candies) that came out in December 1973. A modest beginning but the best was yet to come.

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