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Monday, August 31, 2015

Ray -- Hajimete Girls! (初めてガールズ!)

I guess this has been the season for bite-sized anime for me. First off, there is the 2-minute "Wakako Zake"(ワカコ酒)whose good old-fashioned theme song "Shiawase no Kaeri Michi"(幸せの帰り路)has been as appetizing as some of the dishes Wakako has been noshing in each episode.

And then there is "Wakaba Girl"(わかば*ガール)whose episodes are only 10 minutes long but also provide a goodly amount of comedy as Wakaba Kohashi, as the proverbial rich fish out of water, struggles happily with being a regular high school girl while her 3 buddies of Moeko, Mao and Nao show her the way. Once again over here, the theme song has also been the extra spice although this one is definitely another earworm.

"Hajimete Girls!" (First Time Girls!) basically laid its eggs in my ear canal right from the beginning pin-pon. Mito(ミト)from the band Clammbon came up with the super-catchy rapid-fire melody (with a bit more rock in the full version) while the prolific Aki Hata(畑亜貴)provided the lyrics. The can't-stand-still music sounds perfect for the goofiness of the show. 

Singer Ray, aka Reika Nakayama(中山怜香...according to Wikipedia but her full name isn't listed in J-Wiki), seems to have a grand ol' time with her 7th single from August 2015. She was born in 1990 in Sapporo, and got the singing bug when she was listening to some of anison goddess Nana Mizuki's(水樹奈々)CDs in her brother's car. Her debut was in 2012 with the song "Sign" as the theme tune for anime "Ano Natsu de Matteru"(あの夏で待ってる...Waiting in the Summer)which peaked at No. 11 on Oricon. As for "Hajimete Girls!", it managed to get as high as No. 21.

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