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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Riho Iida -- Hajimaritai Kanon (始まりたいカノン)

One of my recent frustations was not being able to see Riho Iida’s (飯田里穂) live performance in last July’s “Festival do Japão” (Japan’s Festival). It would be my first true aidoru experience, and, who knows, maybe I could take a picture with her. In the end, I couldn't attend the festival, which made me feel a little bit gloomy for a while.

Well, at least I can listen to the nice songs from her debut album, “rippi-rippi”, which was released in July 2015. One of them is “Hajimaritai Kanon”, the lead song.

My first contact with Riho was watching this music video, but I soon discovered she’s a famous seiyuu and sexy gravure aidoru, so it was kind of weird to see her so light and immaculate in the music video for “Hajimaritai Kanon”. However, as I’m not really in the anime niche, I’ll probably only listen to her as a cute aidoru, so it’s okay. Well, I’m a liar... I will also see some of her bikini shoots sometimes as well.

“Hajimaritai Kanon” is not revolutionary by any means, and is quite a plain pop song driven mostly by acoustic intruments, which is something I usually avoid when listening to 21th century aidoru music. However, there are some lovely and dreamy synths being used here and there through the song, and I especially like when their sound appears between the first chorus and the second verses.

As for the lovely Riho Iida, her vocals are cute, but not very high-pitched, so that’s a good reason for trying out her full album. Believe me, she’s not overly “saccharine” as one might expect. Songs like “Love Motion” and “Stargazer”, for example, are great options for newcomers.

Lyrics were written by Hata Aki (畑亜貴), while music was composed by Yasuo Sakai (酒井康男).


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  1. I found this whilst googling for you know who, and recognised the name from this blog. Riho Iida has released her 3rd single, "Aoi Honoo Syndrome" , with lyrics by Hidetoshi Sakurai, and composed by no less than Kyohei Tsutsumi.


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