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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hiroshi Sato -- Say Goodbye

Not sure if any of you folks are probably relaxing on a backyard deck while guzzling down a beer or nursing a cocktail, but if you are also into Japanese City Pop, I think I've got the tune for you. The late Hiroshi Sato's(佐藤博)"Say Goodbye" is one of the tracks on his classic 1982 album, "Awakenings" that I've already written about. It's a nice funky number with Sato on the vocoder (the ancient version of Auto-Tune?), and with those synths, it almost goes into technopop territory. It may not be the prize track on "Awakenings" but it still has a golden place in my heart since the arrangement has me reminiscing about some of those AM radio tunes I used to hear way back when.

It's been a pretty cool week so far...not like the oven that it was the week before. I can only give my sympathies to much of Japan which is basically cooking in its it usually does during the summer.

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