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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Miharu Koshi -- My Blue Summer (マイブルーサマー)

Well, maybe this article will be the final one for my running gag of wordplay titles over the past few days. I've done a couple of songs under the title of "Summer Blue", there is the immediately preceding article on "Rhapsody In Blue" by DA PUMP, and now I finish with "My Blue Summer".

Also I wanted to provide a bit more of Miharu Koshi's material back when she was 越美晴  with her Latin-infused New Music before she metamorphosed into avant-garde コシミハル. So far, most of my blog entries for Koshi have dealt with her post-metamorphosis output (the only exception thus far being "Love Step"), so allow me to provide a bit more balance by bringing in her 3rd single, "My Blue Summer" from 1979.

As was the case with "Love Step", her debut single, "My Blue Summer" was written and composed by Koshi, and has that dynamic Latin beat with the singer's voice in a lower register compared to the vocal style she would use when she went techno in the early 80s. I'm not sure if the song ever got onto an original album, but it is on that compilation album of her New Music years with RCA, "Miharu Koshi - Golden Best".

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