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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Aming -- Coffee wa Kirai (コーヒーはきらい)

After writing about their monster hit, "Matsu wa"(待つわ)from 1982, I had thought that I would probably never be able to write another article on the duo Aming(あみん), who are Takako Okamura and Haruko Kato(岡村孝子・加藤晴子), since their debut song was the only song that I knew them for.

But then some weeks ago, I came across this ballad titled "Coffee wa Kirai" (I Hate Coffee) which was a track on the duo's debut album, "P.S. Anata e..."(P.S. あなたへ…P.S. To You)from April 1983. And like caffeine, I was hooked...despite the title. Sung by Kato here, the lyrics by Kyoko Matsumiya(松宮恭子)struck me as a bit vague about why the protagonist hated coffee. Was a past love an avid java drinker or did they happen to break up in a cafe?

I'm not sure about the answer to the above questions but I did like the music which was also by Matsumiya. I guess there's something about a light piano ballad that just gets me at ease. And it would actually be chamomile tea, not coffee, that would get me in the same state. Although Okamura was the one who would find lasting success as a solo artist in later years, I think Kato did a fine job here. But despite what she sings in this particular song, I do love my joe.

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