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Monday, April 4, 2016

Akiko Kobayashi -- Misunderstandings

(cover version)

I actually had intended to put up this song a few days ago, but there was indeed a misunderstanding between a couple of people for which I was the mutual friend. I got the news this morning by e-mail (this all took place in Japan), and basically due to a weak point in one of the two, any chance at a friendship has been nullified. Yup, that's the way it goes but I kinda had a feeling that it was gonna happen.

Well, now that I have a real hook to place this song upon..."Misunderstandings" by Akiko Kobayashi (小林明子...written, composed and sung) was a track on her debut album "Fall In Love" from November 1985. The title track was the one song that introduced me to Kobayashi and had everyone thinking Karen Carpenter, but I think "Misunderstandings" is one of the tracks whose arrangement seemed very similar to the old Carpenters songs from the early 1970s right down to the use of the oboe.

The other reason that I put this up today is that I had to revert one of the other Kobayashi articles back to Draft status since there is no longer any other online sign of the song. I don't like to lose articles all that easily.

As of today, a designer has started his lawsuit against the
city of Toronto for supposedly pilfering his idea for
the now-famous TORONTO sign at City Hall. Yep, it's a

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