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Saturday, April 9, 2016

PSY-S -- Brand-New Menu

Ahhh...80s music video sensibilities with added Chromakey! It's time to bring back some of that PSY-S technopop via their 2nd single from November 1985, "Brand-New Menu". I hadn't known that it was an actual single from the duo; I actually found out about it through a slightly different version of the song on their 1st BEST compilation, "Two Hearts" from April 1991 that I purchased in Chinatown one day.

Written by Kenzo Saeki(サエキけんぞう)and composed by PSY-S instrumentalist Masaya Matsuura(松浦雅也), it's a tinkly and twinkly tune that sounds somewhat like a jingle for some new service:

You will see my L-O-V-E
I will make you L-O-V-E
Can we save your V-I-R-G-I-N-I-T-Y?

That must be some service. Anyways, the original single version is portrayed in the video above. Powerhouse vocalist CHAKA doesn't push her voice too hard here but she and Matsuura did seem to enjoy hamming it up in the video as two mad scientists trying to corrupt two young souls in a supermarket.

"Brand-New Menu" also showed up as a track in PSY-S' 2nd album "Pic-Nic" from July 1986 in its "folk rock" version with a strummy guitar replacing one of the synths. Actually for me, I prefer the new version in "Two Hearts".

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