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Friday, April 1, 2016

Sanae Fuku & Manami Numakura -- LoSe±CoNtRoL

Not quite an earworm but still fun enough to bury down into my meninges, I've also gotten somewhat into the ending theme for "Koukaku no Pandora: Ghost Urn"(紅殻のパンドラ -GHOST URN-)along with the opening theme which I wrote about a month ago, "hopeness" by ZAQ. The singer-songwriter also took care of the lyrics for "LoSe±CoNtRoL" with TECHNOBOYS PULCRAFT GREEN FUND handling the music. After hearing a couple of more of the band's anison creations, I've got the feeling that they really enjoy beating those syn-drums. The two starring seiyuu of the series Sanae Fuku(福沙奈恵)and Manami Numakura(沼倉愛美)perform the duet.

From what I could understand from ZAQ's lyrics, "LoSe±CoNtRoL" is all about the relationship between bubbly Nene and not-so-effervescent Clarion. The former has got some fairly deep feelings for the latter but reciprocation isn't too easy. Perhaps it's not so much "can't compute" on Clarion's side as it is "won't compute". In any case, the percolating technopop along with the technobabbly exchange between the two makes for a cute example of robot love.

No, it's not BUER but Pon de Lion
the mascot for Mister Donut.


  1. Ummm... I personally don't like this song. It sounds so generic... Nowadays most of anime songs are too similar between them, with too many synths and ear-grating girlie voices!

    1. Hi, Edu P.R.

      Thanks for the comment. No problems here. I didn't expect everyone to be fans. BTW, when it comes to anison, which ones do you like?

    2. Hello! You are welcome!!
      My prefer anisons are:

      - 'I Like You' by Puppy, from one of the Crayon ShinChan's endings. Extremely catchy.

      - 'Otome no Policy' by Yoko Ishida, from Sailormoon R (ending). Love this song and its synths. Classic j-pop.

      - 'I Wish' by Ai Maeda, from Digimon Adventure (ending). This song is soooo cute.

      - 'Happy Birthday to Me' by Megumi Hayashibara, from All Purpose Cat Nuku-Nuku. Another classic j-pop anisong. Fast, funny and with a strong eurobeat feel!

      - 'Be my Boy' by MEGU, from an anime I don't remember its name... It is a late 80's song, ultra catchy and with a delicious use of synths, woah!

      By thr way, could you feature some Hitomi Mieno's songs? She is a well known singer from the 90's decade. She sung a lot of anisongs. Check it 'Future' :).


    3. Hello again.

      I will have to check most of those out but I already know about "Otome no Policy" since I used to watch "Sailor Moon" years and years ago. In fact, I will have to write about it pretty soon since I also enjoyed the song.

      As for "Be My Boy", I checked it up and apparently it was the theme song for an anime called "Norakuro".

      I will take a look and see about Hitomi Mieno especially "Future". Thanks!

  2. Hello!

    Yeah! Norakuro is the anime which the song by Megu is featured.

    Hitomi Mieno rocks. It is your typical 90's jpop singer and most of her songs are uplifting and with a happy feel to them.

    By the way, I love your posts about idols who sing eurobeat-like songs! I adore that fusion hehe.

    Saludos amigo!

    1. Hi again. Thanks kindly for your comments. But I have to give credit where credit is due. The fellow who's been writing a lot of the Eurobeat material is Marcos V. from Brazil. He's got a lot more knowledge about dance music than I do.


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