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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Tomomi Sano -- Myojo (明星)

Something nice and mellow to start off the weekend. Regrettably, there is not a whole lot of information about this singer I've just discovered by the name of Tomomi Sano(サノトモミ). According to her Twitter account, she was a guest vocalist on Neo-City Pop band Ryusenkei' s(流線形)1st album back in 2004 before releasing an album in 2005 titled "Silent Flight".

One of the tracks on that album is "Myojo" (Venus), a club-friendly groove tune. Nothing particularly earth-shattering about the song but it makes for pleasant listening during the dinner hour, and it also makes for some fine reminiscing about that time in the early 2000s when folks like bird and Misia were providing some of that groovy J-R&B. I wouldn't mind a return of some of that genre just about now.

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