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Monday, April 18, 2016

Anri -- Goodbye Boogie Dance

I was talking with commenter Baloo over the past few days about the bass-thumping City Pop wonders of Toshiki Kadomatsu(角松敏生)when I realized that it has been quite some months since I put up an Anri(杏里)tune. And today in Toronto was a fine day to decide to do so. We got up to the dizzying heights of 25 degrees Celsius with plenty of sun, so this wasn't just a spring day here but a comfy summer one. Of course, when it comes to summer kayo, Anri and Kadomatsu just have to be in there.

So I managed to find this one, "Goodbye Boogie Dance" from her 6th album "Bi-Ki-Ni" which was released back in June 1983. The album was one of the first collaborations between Anri and Kadomatsu, and "Goodbye Boogie Dance" has that title which sounds as if it had been generated from a Scrabble game. However, title aside, with the horns and aforementioned bass and Anri's summer vocals in there, yup, this is another representative tune from her oeuvre back in the early 80s when her name basically summed up beach life.

I'm gonna have to start listening up on my Anri albums again to prep for summer!

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