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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Shonentai -- stripe blue

Y'know...I've heard the title "stripe blue" being bandied about whenever the 80s aidoru unit Shonentai(少年隊)was mentioned anywhere. However, aside from a faint memory of Higashi, Kacchan and Nikki singing out the title, I couldn't remember anything about the song although I probably did see the Johnny's group perform it on shows such as "The Best 10".

Still, listening to the entirety of "stripe blue", Shonentai's 5th single from March 1987, it's a pretty kakkoii aidoru tune that approaches a City Pop style. And I gotta say that even if the lads were merely lip-synching the song on stage, their dynamic choreography was quite something to behold. I'd say that SMAP and Arashi(嵐)ought to be on their knees bowing deeply to Higashi and the crew.

The wonder duo of Kyohei Tsutsumi and Takashi Matsumoto(筒美京平・松本隆)was responsible for "stripe blue" which hit No. 1 for the fourth straight time for Shonentai. It ended up becoming the 16th-ranked single for 1987 and was even used as the theme song for a fashion facility known as the Harajuku Aidoru Wonderland.

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