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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Re: Entamedata rankings charts

Hello, folks. One commenter indicated to me a week or two ago that the Entamedata singles and albums charts had disappeared and when I took a look, indeed, they were gone. However, I checked the site again earlier today and found out that they have been reinstated with some changes.

The singles charts are here:

Originally, they went back from the present year all the way to 1968 which was when Oricon first started out. However, now they extend even further back to 1950! I believe that before the Oricon charts were launched, at least some of the rankings information was based on music magazines but for now at least, entamedata doesn't have any sources for those early years.

The albums charts are here:

The albums charts originally went as far back as 1970 but now they stop at 1974. As well, for both sets of charts, there is no longer a column showing how many copies of a single or album were sold.

Please do not adjust your set.


  1. do you still have sales figures? Did you saved them somehow?

    1. Hello there.

      There are no more sales figures listed on the charts. Unless I specifically listed them from the old entamedata charts in a particular article or they are listed on a specific J-Wiki article, that is all the information I would have or have access to, I'm afraid.

    2. Hi, I'm new to you blog but I'm really liking it. It is a very useful guide to this kind of music.
      I have a request if you don't mind. Could you help me identify the singers and songs on the video on this entry on your blog? I really liked the songs and would love to hear more of the same singers, but since everything is in Japanese I don't know how to do it myself.
      There are at least 5 teaser videos from Universal music Japan, and I'm guessing they are from a compilation of sorts, but I'm not really sure.
      Thank you in advance, please keep the good work.
      Greetings from México.

    3. Hello there.

      Glad to hear from you in Mexico. As for the one teaser video above, Akina Nakamori is singing "Shojo A"(少女A), "Kita Wing" (北ウィング), and "1/2 no Shinwa" (1/2の神話)

    4. Sorry, I accidentally cut myself off in my reply. To continue, if you can send me the links to those teaser videos, I can try to identify the singers and songs. By the way, how long have you been interested in Japanese pop music and who have you been listening to?

  2. Hello again. Thank you for your quick reply.
    Here you go:

    As for your question. I have been into this kind of music since I was a teenager. First with the anime openings and such. At the time we did not have internet for that kind of things as looking for music, even less for downloading it, you know, sloooow download speeds. So one had to find someone with the music, usually bootlegs.
    But from a few years back with the easy access to youtube videos and the such, it has become so easy, sans the difficulty sometimes to find things in Japanese.
    My first crush was Hiromi Iwasaki with her song Madonna Tachi no lullaby. Beautiful. Then I tried to find every one of her discs and I found her early songs from back in the 70's. I love disco music and she has very good songs in the style.
    Then I discovered the amazing Momoe Yamaguchi, with her Imitation gold and have listened to all of her discs since then.
    I also love the voice of Ichiro Mizuki. The first song I liked from him was the op of Mazinger Z and his Minerva X Ni Sasageru Uta song.
    But to be honest (and as you probably can tell) I'm really new to this kind of music. I don't distinguish the different genres like Enka or Kayo Kyoku XD
    What I do is find a playlist and listen until I find something I like.
    But lucky me, there are people like you that share their knowledge. So I will be a frequent customer from now on.

    1. Hello again.

      First off, to respond to your request on all those Akina videos from "The Best 10":

      1) contains "Kinku", "Second Love" and "Southern Wind".

      2) contains "Jukkai", "Tango Noir" and "Nanpasen".

      3) contains "Kazari ja nai no Namida wa", "Meu Amore", "Desire" and "Tattoo".

      4) contains "Sand Beige" and "Gypsy Queen"

      You can find all of the songs through the Akina articles that we've written over the years on the blog.

      As with you, I became a bona fide kayo kyoku/J-Pop fan when I was a teen after my 2nd visit to Japan. Hiromi Iwasaki was also a favourite of mine due to her amazing voice and also due to that huge smile and long hair back then. Considering how easy it is to access Japanese popular music nowadays (aside from the occasional takedowns of YouTube videos by the recording companies), it's a wonder that I was able to stay enthralled by the genre but I did have that weekly radio program "Sounds of Japan", videotapes of the ranking shows and then purchases of LPs in Chinatown. Along with Hiromi-chan, there was also Seiko Matsuda and Naoko Kawai along with YMO.

      I've been a fan of kayo now for over 30 years but I'm still surprised and delighted that I can still discover new stuff all the time, so in a way, I'm also quite new to the music. I see the entire genre as one big iceberg with the Oricon Top 10 stuff over the years as just the tip. Still digging underwater and finding gems there.

      Feel free to take a look through the blog and discover stuff that you like. Often, I just plug in a name or a genre from kayo kyoku (歌謡曲...literally "popular music") whether it be 80s aidoru (アイドル) or City Pop into YouTube and see what I can get.

    2. Again, thank you for your help.
      While I write I am listening to the songs of Akina Nakamori, and I will also check Seiko Matsuda, Naoko Kawai and YMO, as per your recommendation.

      I have spent a good part of the day searching through your blog, you see, today was my day off, and I think I have listened more Kayo Kyoku in 12 hours than in twelve years. XD
      Thanks to your blog, I have found new favorites like Issao Sasaki, what a voice! And the above mentioned Akina Nakamori, beautiful and with a really sexy voice.
      Time well spent in my opinion.

      And I will make sure to continue to check your blog, because there is so much content that I just began to discover it.

      Oh, by the way, silly me, I just realized that there are seven of you working on the blog. My best regards to all of you, please keep the good work.


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