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Friday, January 27, 2017

All-Points Bulletin: Name This Tune "Mysterious Singer - 冬のリヴィエラ (Fuyu no Riviera)"

Commenter Too-Tsie sent me a message about this cover of Shinichi Mori's(森進一)"Fuyu no Riviera" last night, asking me who the singer is here. Lebro Gea was the YouTube uploader (and the video is titled as above) and apparently the song was found on an old 1990s tape.

Whoever did the cover sounds very good but I couldn't identify the singer and Noelle also took a listen but also struck out. Therefore I'm putting out the APB since an old friend was able to name a tune on my first APB a few months back. Hopefully, there may be some kayo veterans out there who may be more successful in naming this singer. Keep your fingers crossed, Too-Tsie!

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