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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Suiyoubi no Campanella -- Aladdin (アラジン)

Well, whatever you want to say about electronic music collective Suiyoubi no Campanella(水曜日のカンパネラ...Wednesday Campanella), they do not lack in imagination when it comes to their music videos.

Nikala provided the first article on KOM_I, Hidefumi Kenmochi(ケンモチヒデフミ)and Dir.F back in April 2015 with "Marie Antoinette" which I thought was a pretty odd title for a technopop tune. But then I read that the band has a thing for naming their songs after figures of folklore and history. Since I first heard about Suiyoubi no Campanella through nikala's article, they've made the leap from indies to major and they've also popped up now and then on episodes of "Music Station".

As I've said, their music videos are all part of the fun. Case in point: "Aladdin" which is a track on their November 2016 digital single, "Superkid". Its music video looks like the group decided to hijack one of the sets from "The Big Lebowski" and have its own little musical. KOM_I provides what looks like her usual off-the-cuff dancing, and even she puts in her own "Lebowski" tribute by licking the bowling ball. All this while I'm hearing a rhythm track that sounds quite a bit like the one that anchored Michael Jackson's "Thriller".

"Aladdin" will be making another appearance in about another week when it shows up as the first track on Suiyoubi no Campanella's 1st album as a major act, "Superman". It's due out on February 8th 2017.


  1. Just got into Wednesday Campanella over the weekend. Yeah, you're not wrong. Its definitely Thriller driving the rhythm. Also, there's a reference to "Wanna Be Starting Something" as well ("Hee-Hah!").

    In any case, its I still love it and am glad that I've stumbled upon this group!

    1. Hi, Clifton!

      Wednesday Campanella was quite the find by fellow collaborator nikala and I've taken up the baton as well. Come to think of it, I rather like KOM_I's "Drunken Fist" type of dancing.


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