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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Original Love -- Yume wo Miru Hito (夢を見る人)

After a week of relatively mild weather (+4 C was the peak here...pretty good for Toronto this time of year), it looks like winter has returned in earnest. It's a good Sunday to keep things indoors and knock back a hot chocolate or something.

I heard another wonderful song from the "Light Mellow" series. This is Original Love with "Yume wo Miru Hito" (Dreamers) which, according to excerpts from an interview with vocalist and songwriter Takao Tajima(田島貴男)on J-Wiki, was a really hard song to compose; in fact, it took 6 months to get down the melody that has been described by Tajima as being simple yet melodious

The process may not have been smooth but "Yume wo Miru Hito" sure goes down that way. I think Tajima is quite the songsmith providing this really elegant blend of light funk and pop. For some reason, though, he had been under the impression that a lot of folks would balk at the title but considering the romantic and airy lyrics of having a couple just let go and take that train trip to anywhere, I think this was the perfect title. And the music and words make a nice marriage.

Perhaps either Tajima or the director of the video may have been watching "2001: A Space Odyssey" beforehand but it's a pretty wigged-out visual representation for the song which seems so happy and down-to-earth. Especially when it's so gloomy and cold outside as it is here, it's nice to bring in a bit of sunshine through this song.

"Yume wo Miru Hito" was Original Love's 7th single from April 1995 which peaked at No. 29. It was also a track on his 5th album "Rainbow Race" which came out a month later. That went all the way up to No. 3 on the album charts and ended up as the 96th-ranked release of the year.

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