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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Hikaru Nishida -- Kinou to wa O-Chigai (きのうとは大違い)

Hikaru Nishida(西田ひかる)has been more in Marcos V.'s wheelhouse although I have known about the bilingual aidoru for years. However it's been more for her appearances on the telly as a young tarento that I've been familiar with Nishida. Apparently, she and her family are living very close to Hanshin Koshien Stadium where the baseball team Hanshin Tigers play. However, although her husband is a dyed-in-the-wool Tigers fan, Nishida is an ardent Tokyo Giants enthusiast. I can only imagine the conversations during the summer in their household.

Getting back to the topic at hand, I encountered this song, "Kinou to wa O-Chigai" (A Big Change From Yesterday) by Nishida which is a track on her 9th original album from July 1996, "24 two-four". I had initially was searching for some music by singer-songwriter Kyoko Endo(遠藤京子)since I hadn't written about her in some time but then I came across this tune that she had created for Nishida and took an instant liking.

From listening to Endo's own BEST compilation, I garnered that she enjoyed some of the old-fashioned standard arrangements such as jazz. And true enough, she made "Kinou to wa O-Chigai" as this nice and light and breezy ballad with a bit of Bacharach and Alpert infused in there as Nishida sings about a girl's life being changed forever on discovering her first love. Nope, I don't think Nishida has the most solid vocals especially when she goes high but as has been discussed before between Marcos and me, a fine arrangement of music has often provided good enough support for an aidoru.

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