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Monday, January 23, 2017

Akira Terao -- Guuzen (偶然)

I was writing about Akira Terao's(寺尾聰)old Group Sounds days with The Savage a few nights ago when I came across this video with a song by him.

(excerpt only)

Titled "Guuzen" (Suddenly), the crooning vocals were unmistakably by Terao but the music itself didn't sound like the City Pop of the early 1980s. Basically his output represented on the blog has been through his remarkable album "Reflections". However, I came across quite a find since the music sounded as if it originated much later in the decade or even going into the 1990s.

And as it turned out, I was spot-on. "Guuzen" was a track on his 4th album (his 3rd for Toshiba EMI) "Standard" which came out in February 1987. The ballad is still very much in the urban contemporary vein, and with Terao also being a long-time actor, I could see him in any music video looking straight out a rainy window of some bar with a very hangdog expression due to the love of his life no longer there for him. There will no longer be any sudden meetings with her as Masako Arikawa's(有川正沙子)lyrics relate. Kenji Takamizu(高水健司)provided the scotch-on-the-rocks-friendly music. Most likely, past midnight, the kindly bartender will call a taxi to pick up the forlorn fellow.

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