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Friday, January 13, 2017

Candies -- Garasu no Hoshi (ガラスの星)

This is one of the more unusual entries by 70s aidoru trio Candies (キャンディーズ) in that "Garasu no Hoshi" (This Glass World) is a truly languid ballad. For those who have known about Miki, Su and Ran, they received their fame through their sprightly hits such as "Haru Ichiban"(春一番), and yep, as I remember one fellow from a few years back, Candies can be seen as the Perfume of the past.

But "Garasu no Hoshi" is definitely not one of those songs. It was written by Makoto Kitajo(喜多條忠)and composed by Takashi Miki(三木たかし)as a track on Candies' 9th album "Candy Label" from September 1977, and it's a dreamy song about love perhaps seen from a couple who are sitting on that small hill at night while gazing at the stars and romantically talking about their future.

I like Miki's melody but I'm not altogether sure whether this was particularly the right sort of song for Candies to tackle since in parts, the three of them seemed to struggle with the dramatic slow down in tempo. In fact, I think this was more of a song for someone like Mieko Nishijima(西島三重子)or Ruiko Kurahashi(倉橋ルイ子).

"Candy Label" also has a song that I wrote about back in 2013, Candies' cover of the Carpenters' song "All You Get From Love is a Love Song",

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