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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Chiyoko Shimakura -- Koishiteirun damon (恋しているんだもん)

I almost forgot it was Valentine's Day today. But then again, I was never all that much invested in it, outside of the chocolates. And from what I've heard, it sounds like half the folks aren't fans of February 14th either, although I'm fairly sure that at least two couples within my group of friends are out somewhere on the town having a romantic dinner somewhere. Well, wherever you are, I hope that you and a significant other are having a good time.

Well, NHK's "Uta Kon" (うたコン) did remember Valentine's Day since the producers included the theme into the show tonight. A number of love kayo got onto the lineup including this old chestnut by the late Chiyoko Shimakura(島倉千代子), "Koishiteirun damon" (I'm In Love After All). Kaori Mizumori(水森かおり)took care of the song tonight.

Released in 1961 when she was in her early twenties, Shimakura gave a high-pitched love song about enjoying the sensation of falling head over heels with that fine young gentleman and sometimes having that lovers' spat. With the enka music and the year of release, I can only imagine the lovey-dovey couple walking on the dirt path somewhere out in the countryside.

The idea for the song came from one of Shimakura's favourite phrases which was turned into the title. And y'know...I had always thought that the singer had that certain coquettish side to her so I could imagine that title being something that she would say. Sou Nishizawa(西沢爽)provided the lyrics while Shosuke Ichikawa(市川昭介)created the jaunty music. Also, according to J-Wiki, "Koishiteirun damon" sold 800,000 copies although it was never a song that she performed on the Kohaku Utagassen. Then again, Shimakura had a number of other hits which sold far more records.

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