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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Miyu Tomita, Saori Onishi, Naomi Ozora and Kana Hanazawa -- Gabriel Dropkick (ガヴリールドロップキック)

Well, today is an off-Sunday from the usual biweekly anime-and-food sessions with my friend, and it is just as well since the city is being pounded by a good heaping of snow. I don't think even he would have wanted to travel out on the roads today.

However, the winter anime season is in full swing and it looks like the shows that we have been watching are of the magical and mystical variety. At this point, "Little Witch Academia" seems to be the big hit so far but we've also been having fun with this other purely comedic program called "Gabriel Dropout" (ガヴリールドロップアウト).

The plot reads like something for an old 1960s daffy sitcom on the order of "Bewitched" or "I Dream Of Jeannie": the top student, Gabriel, at the Angel Academy in Heaven gets sent down to Earth to learn the ways of humanity (I guess this would be the divine equivalent of an immersion programme) only to crack and end up as a rude and antisocial slacker. Meanwhile a couple of devils-in-training, Vignette and Satanichia, who end up as classmates are far less malicious than Gabe (who even has her horn) while the No. 2 angel, Raphiel, gains a reputation as a slightly psycho stalker. Your weekly dose of irony, anime fans!

The opening theme, "Gabriel Dropkick" seems to be gaining a reputation itself as a sinister earworm including for my own auricular canals. I mean, even it has some ambitions to be a fun 60s-sitcom theme. Sung by the seiyuu for the 4 main characters, Miyu Tomita(富田美憂)as Gabriel, Saori Onishi(大西沙織)as Vignette, Naomi Ozora(大空直美)as Satanachia and Kana Hanazawa(花澤香菜)as Raphiel, it's a back-and-forth musical onslaught between the light and dark side...a little gospel here, a little rock there...all fun everywhere. And I gotta say that Tomita has got quite the angelic voice despite her devilish character.

Veteran anison creator Kenichi Maeyamada(前山田健一)took care of words and music. It looks like the full single is yet to come out (February 22nd is the release date) since we're not that far into the new season but I'm looking forward to getting my copy.

I guess it doesn't matter where you come from. If you're in Japan, you are automatically terrified of cockroaches.

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