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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Japan Times Article: Justin Miller

Actually I would say that this is more of a notice than an article. However, earlier this morning, I came across this Japan Times piece published today titled "Justin Miller brings an American touch to one of Japan’s richest musical genres: Showa pop", and it features this fellow from New York City who started his life in Japan about a decade ago along with his blossoming love for the older music.

In fact, he's been holding monthly Kayo Nights at a place called Rhythm Cafe in Shibuya which has attracted fans within and beyond Japan. And Miller is going to be having a large version of his party at a different venue on February 9th this year. If any of you readers are actually in Tokyo right now or will be there over the next week, it might be interesting to catch. There is a website for the party and there you can also watch a YouTube video which was posted at the end of 2014 featuring Miller and the Rhythm Cafe. But I will post it here as well.

Wonderful to see another fellow spreading the word around about kayo kyoku. 💗


  1. Ah! I see you found the article. Had sent it to you in a comment before I saw this.

    1. Hi, Gen.

      Thanks for letting me know. I was rather lucky, though. I don't check the Japan Times every day but I just happened to do so yesterday when that article showed up.


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