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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Kumi Showji - Truth (トゥルース)

My good friend, Hiro, sent me this lovely postcard when he was on a business trip last month, and I figured that this would make a nice little thumbnail photo if I ever put up another City Pop tune or a song that has a nice bit of soul in there. Plus, he's been very generous in giving me "likes" on most of the articles that I've put up on the blog via Facebook.

Speaking about those songs with that soul in there, I found one on that video (above) of a compilation of various City Pop tunes. I think it is the only track that has been identified since one of the YouTube commenters asked who the singer was at 12:00. After hearing the tune, I wanted to ask as well. And the fellow who created the video was kind enough to identify her as Kumi Showji(障子久美)and the song as "Truth".

Showji wrote and composed this fun uptempo song for her second album "Motion & Moment" in 1990. I took an instant liking to it since it has that combination of the City Pop sung by female singers such as Keiko Kimura(木村恵子)and Kaoru Sudo(須藤薫)in the late 1980s (I always refer to those bright champagne synths) and perhaps some of that R&B that would arrive almost a decade later so perhaps Showji was showing some prescience there.

 I realized that I had a number of opportunities to get "Motion & Moment" back in Japan since that memorable cover did come up in the used racks at the Shibuya branch of RecoFan. But I let the chances slide so I will have to see if I can pick one up somehow online. I've already written one article about the singer-songwriter for "Neverending Love" but unfortunately the original song was taken down by the powers-that-be. However, I was able to replace it with a cover version.


  1. I found out about Kumi Showji due to a little known, and criminally forgotten, anime OAV called "Nineteen19."

    Since it was an OAV, it was direct to video and never aired. It was based on a manga made by Sho Kitagawa. There was another OAV made based off his other manga called BB Fish.

    The cool thing about Nineteen19 is that the awesome soundtrack is about 90% Toshiki Kadomatsu! I guess the creators of the show loved them some "Sea Is A Lady" among other songs.

    However, there were other artists on that soundtrack including two tracks from Kumi Showji off of "Motion & Movement." On the strength of those two songs I had to get the album.

    The first song was "Miss You" which is pure bouncy, R&B pop and the second was a wonderful synthy ballad called "うすべにの嵐" (Usube ni no Arashi).

    The anime itself is 80s af! It is truly a time capsule of late 1980s Japan. If you were alive at that time it truly makes your heart hurt because the nostalgia is so overwhelming.

    Both the songs and the anime itself is on Youtube. Since the OAV is only 40 minutes or so I recommend watching it.

    Since it was little known, and not very popular, I don't know if an OST (soundtrack) was ever released. I doubt it but if it does exist I must have it! There are Toshiki Kadomatsu songs in the background that I am still trying to find!

  2. I must amend my previous comment, specifically about the album the two songs came from. It was not from Kumi Showji's "Motion & Movement" it was from her first album "Rhythm of Silence." I didn't know both albums came out the same year.

    I saw 1990 and assumed.

    You know what they say about assuming: Assuming makes an ass out of U and me.

    I know that's an excuse but I was feeling no pain when I typed the previous comment. I celebrate New Years Eve a few days before so I don't have to leave the house on the actual day.

    Sorry for the confusion.

    1. Hi, Chasing Showa.

      Yup, I first got that "assume" joke on an old episode of "The Odd Couple" a huge laugh from the studio audience...kinda wondering if it actually originated there.

      As for Kumi Showji, I was just talking with another commenter about those female pop singers from the late 80s and early 90s and their champagne-on-the-town sound. I think some of Showji's output can be categorized into that. He rightly pointed out that the composers could have been influenced by folks like Swingout Sister and The Style Council.

      I usually don't go out on New Year's Eve but did go out today with a couple of old friends for lunch. Had a Rickards for my beer...was feeling flushed and rosy but definitely no pain, either.

  3. I know, I was that commenter.

    The Cindy recommendation? Yeah, me too.

    I only log on under my account name when I am on my computer/network at home. If I am out and about I usually comment anonymously.

    Or when I am just being lazy. :p


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