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Monday, March 21, 2016

Mika Kobayashi -- Before My Body Is Dry

About a couple of years after putting up Miku Sawai's(沢井美空)"Gomen ne, Ii Ko Ja Irarenai"(ごめんね、いいコじゃいられない), aka the first ending theme for the epic anime "Kill La Kill"(キルラキル), on the blog, I'm adding the oft-played insert song "Before My Body Is Dry". My decision came from my watching the show a second time and I'm now in the last few episodes of the final showdown with The Sisters Matoi versus their evil mother, Ragyo (talk about the ultimate teen rebellion).

Sung by Hiroshima-born singer-songwriter, Mika Kobayashi(小林未郁), the song was usually played during a major battle between Ryuko Matoi and one of her many foes. With mpi and David Whitaker providing the lyrics and Hiroyuki Sawano(澤野弘之)making the music, the rock ballad was perfect to frame a 70s movie about a leather-clad lone wolf tough-as-nails female motorcycle rider.

The title may be "Before My Body Is Dry", but I'm always going to remember it as "Don't Lose Your Waaaaaaaaaaaaay!"

However, as one commenter remarked on YouTube, I have to admit that I'm a member of the group that is even more partial to the orchestral version of the song which starts up at 1:06 in the above video. It's a short excerpt but whenever it popped up during a climactic scene on "Kill La Kill", it had the same effect on me as the John Williams soundtrack when the first Death Star was blown up by Luke Skywalker or the music when all of the Doctors Who appeared on the 50th anniversary show to save Gallifrey. It has that superheroic sense of "HERE COMES THE CAVALRY!!" Just imagine you crashing a party to grab that last sausage roll with that music behind you.

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