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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Hiroshi Miura & Honey Six -- Konya wa All Night de (今夜はオールナイトで)

Wow! You couldn't get more Mood Kayo than this chestnut from 1982. The saxophone is in there as is the Latin guitar, plus the haunting chorus and the give & take between the man and woman in this romantic tete-a-tete. And they happen to be brother and sister!

Before we go down into some scary territory with my last statement, allow me to say that Hiroshi Miura & Honey Six(三浦弘とハニーシックス)is a family affair. Starting in 1965, the Miura siblings start with the eldest brother Hiroshi himself followed by Sadao, Haruo, Hisao, Hideki and sister Kyoko. Good golly! It's a Mood Kayo Osmond family!

(karaoke version)

Not sure if the loving couple in "Konya wa All Night de" (Tonight All Night) consist of partners who are already married to other folks or if they are happy innocents but this song written and composed by leader Hiroshi Miura definitely has that flirtatious feeling in the music and lyrics...and especially in those (synth?) strings. Dancing, drinking and loving...they never want it to end. It's the right Mood Kayo to hear in the karaoke box for a group of a certain age on a Friday night in Ginza.

In 2008, Hiroshi decided to call it a day when he turned 70, so now the group has been renamed Kyoko Miura & Honey Six(三浦京子とハニーシックス)with singer-songwriter Roy Shirakawa(ロイ白川)joining the family.


  1. Hello J-Canuck.

    Well, that was almost stepping into some Game of Thrones territory up there in the last portion of your first paragraph. I had seen the name of this MK unit from time to time when I revisit some of my favourite Mood Kayo tunes, but I never really had the urge to check out what they sang and I definitely didn't know they were a family, literally.

    As for "Konya wa All Night de", you're right, it is very Mood Kayo that's more to the Latin side with that guitar. Y'know, with this being Mood Kayo and all, I doubt that our pair here are happy innocents on a date. More like two different halves of married couples having a secret rendezvous at their usual bar.

    The name Hiroshi Miura looked familiar, and as I had thought, he's the one behind another MK classic, "Yoseba ii noni" by Happy & Blue.

    1. Hi, Noelle.

      I've never seen "Game of Thrones" but I've heard enough about it to understand your reference. Yeah, I kinda figure that it's most likely some romantic sin going on at the city hotel.


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