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Friday, March 25, 2016

Hiroshi Itsuki/Kouhei Fukuda -- Tabigarasu (旅鴉)

In my article regarding Ikuzo Yoshi's (吉幾三) "Kadode" (門出), I mentioned that I had discovered that song via a video of part of Kouhei Fukuda's (福田こうへい) concert. Another song that had been introduced to me through this concert was Hiroshi Itsuki's (五木ひろし) "Tabigarasu" (Travelling crow). However, this time I was fully aware that Fukuda was doing a cover, but as I listened to the original afterwards, I must say that there is a stark difference in their delivery that gives the same song contrasting qualities  - Fukuda's power-packed vocals gives the song a manly edge, while Itsuki's gentler voice makes it a little more refined.

So far, I think "Tabigarasu" is one of the grander-sounding and dramatic songs about the wandering ronin especially in the newer, live version thanks to the trumpets blaring away in a deeper tone that come after the husky shakuhachi. This was brought to you by the great Minoru Endo (遠藤実) - he's one composer whose style I have yet to recognize. Masato Fujita (藤田まさと) was responsible for the lyrics, and it involves our masterless samurai hitting the road and going where the wind takes him, like, well, a travelling crow.

"Tabigarasu" was one of Itsuki's earlier works being released on 5th November 1972, and it did well on the Oricon charts peaking at 19th place. It was also used at the theme song to a period drama called "Hasegawashin Series" (長谷川伸シリーズ). As for Fukuda's rendition, it can be found in his cover album, "Kirameki" (), just like "Kadode".

To wrap up this post, here's the March-Itsuki-calendar picture. According to it, Itsuki's birthday was on the 14th... Happy belated Itsuki! He's now 68. I like the colours of this one and all, but I feel that he should've worn a plain shirt instead of one with stripes.

Nice cake. Nice smile.

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  1. Hi, Noelle.

    Listening to "Tabigarasu", I thought the different versions by Itsuki and then Fukuda sounded like the same fellow at different stages in his life with Fukuda sounding more like the brash younger fellow while Itsuki is a wiser but no less formidable warrior.


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