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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Do As Infinity -- Break of Dawn

Ahhh....yes. Staying out late with the gang during my university days and nights. Back in those crazy 80s and early 90s (my JET experience from 1989-1991 stayed those tendencies although the schools and Board of Education had their own periodic nights of carousing), there would be dinners out, karaoke, dancing, later meals and even having fun at friends' houses until the wee hours. Unfortunately but sensibly, I can no longer physically handle that sort of mayhem but it's still nice to remember some of what I can remember.

Listening to this song brought back those memories. I've been going through JTM's ginormous collection of music over the past several months, and I'm convinced that the adventure will most likely outlast my life expectancy. Still, it was good to come across a Do As Infinity album in there. And the band's title track from their debut album "Break of Dawn" (March 2000 release) is a short but sweet intro about having those good times and staying up long enough to see the sunrise.

Written and composed by the band, it's got quite the mellow hippie vibe as vocalist Tomiko Van(伴都美子)sings all of "Break of Dawn" in English. But before listeners forget that Do As Infinity is indeed a rock band, the guitars and drums come crashing in like thunder although that soft flute can still make itself heard. The album peaked at No. 3.

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