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Friday, July 21, 2017

Hi-Fi Set -- Hitokire no Koi (ひときれの恋)

When contributor nikala wrote up her article on vocal group Hi-Fi Set's(ハイ・ファイ・セット)"Sunao ni Naritai" (素直になりたい) from 1984 a few years ago, I gave my compliments since I hadn't known anything about what Junko Yamamoto(山本潤子)and company were doing during the 1980s. Basically all I had known was their early 1970s covers of Yumi Arai(荒井由実)songs and other tunes done in a style reminiscent of The Manhattan Transfer. Then there was my re-discovery of them (as evidenced through the above photo of my purchase of "White Moon") when I was on the JET Programme near the tail-end of their time together in the early 1990s with their more contemporary sound. As far as I was concerned, there had been this decade-long dark hole of perception as far as Hi-Fi Set until nikala wrote her piece.

Now I've come across another 1980s song, their 24th single to be specific, "Hitokire no Koi" (A Slice of Love) from October 1985. It's definitely quite an intriguing entry for the Set since it comes off as this hint of sophisticated French pop with jabs of contemporary synth and electric guitar. The music is from Masamichi Sugi(杉真理)while Akira Koizumi's(小泉亮)lyrics about not being yet ready to move on from a recent romantic breakup.

"Hitokire no Koi" was also a track on Hi-Fi Set's 14th album "Sweet Locomotion" from April 1986. May have to think about investing in a couple of their 80s albums.

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