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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Makoto Saito -- I Surrender

Saturday is looking fine out there. Warm and sunny for the most part, the weather will hold firm for the rest of the weekend, and so of course, Torontonians will take advantage of the meteorological good graces since we haven't had a full weekend of the good stuff in many many weeks.

I've got just the song for today. Courtesy of singer-songwriter Makoto Saito(斎藤誠), this is "I Surrender" which I heard on the "Twilight" disc for the "Light Mellow" series yesterday. Sounding similar to mellow singer Jack Johnson, I want to plant myself into a hammock for the rest of the afternoon while sucking back a Rum and Coke as I'm listening to this. Saturdays were made for this one.

"I Surrender" was Saito's 15th single from February 2002 and was also placed as a track on his 10th album "Careless Memories" which came out at the same time. Speaking about the same time, by wild coincidence, I wrote up the very first article on Saito exactly one year ago today!

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