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Monday, July 24, 2017

(K)NoW_NAME -- Morning Glory

Going into the Summer 2017 season of anime, perhaps a lot of us fans may be going through "Little Witch Academia" withdrawal after that wrapped up its 2-season run. It certainly helped me since it bridged from the goofy and happy Winter stuff that we were seeing into the relatively more serious fare that we caught during the Spring.

But I've still ended up missing some of the Spring 2017 fare as well including "Little Witch Academia" although the new stuff right now such as "Made In Abyss" and "Action Heroine: Cheer Fruits" have been very promising. Plus, we have another anime that's been bridging the gap once more with a 2-season run, "Sakura Quest"(サクラクエスト).

As I mentioned in the article on the ending theme for Season 1, I compared the show to an anime version of a typical Fuji-TV live-action comedy-drama regarding the character of Yoshino who reluctantly ends up as the Queen of Manoyama, a rural town that has seen better days and needs a heavy dose of tourism and optimism to get back to health. At the time of writing that, I had just watched the first couple of episodes and since then, Yoshino and her newfound friends have had to come up with all sorts of crazy schemes despite the hard-bitten resistance from some of Manoyama's de facto leaders.

However, going into Season 2, it looks like the gang has slowly seen some upside to their efforts, and yesterday, my friend and I were able to see some of the past generation's youthful years to find out how they became how they are now.

The opening theme, "Morning Glory" has slowly grown upon me due to its hint of early 1970s pop/R&B (I'm reminded of the Jackson 5). As with the ending theme of "Freesia", it is performed by (K)NoW_NAME with the vocalist here being NIIKIE with members eNu and Makoto Miyazaki(宮崎誠)responsible for its creation. Listening to it, it does sound like the beginning of a brand new day in Manoyama...a nice jolt of orange juice or ocha to get folks up and at 'em.

I'll see how the opening and ending themes for Season 2 go.

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