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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Mai Yamane -- Wave

Definitely a hot one in Toronto, going up to about 30 degrees Celsius. Nope, doesn't quite compare to the steam baths of August in Tokyo but let's say that I was grateful for some of that ice water during lunchtime with some friends today.

Speaking of something nice and cooling, I did discover that swaying feeling with "Wave" from Mai Yamane's(山根麻衣)debut album "Tasogare" (Twilight). The images that first came to me involved standing by the ocean during sunset while the breezes came rolling in along with the surf.

Kinda ironic that, since the lyrics by Yamane described something more intimately physical and torrid. Perhaps turning on the air conditioner during the afterglow session would have been a wise thing. Another City Pop master was responsible for the deceptively mellow music, guitarist Makoto Matsushita(松下誠). And of course, Yamane lends some lovely vocals to the soundscape of languid guitar and horns.

You can also give the title track a shot as well.

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