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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Kunio Muramatsu -- KATHARINA

Tatsuro Yamashita(山下達郎)and Taeko Ohnuki(大貫妙子)may have been the more prominent members of the New Music band Sugar Babe but I'm not counting out the other band member Kunio Muramatsu(村松邦男).

That is, especially not after listening to "Katharina", one of the tracks on Muramatsu's debut album "Green Water" from September 1983. It looks like he took a page out of Yamashita's playbook and came up with a good-time weekend driving song with this one. He's got a breathier voice than his old partner's but that just fits with the breeziness of the music. Definitely love the horns.This album could be something on my radar pretty soon.

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