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Monday, December 14, 2015

Kohmi Hirose -- Strobe (ストロボ)

It's been basically a year since I've done a Kohmi Hirose(広瀬香美)song, but with the cold season coming next week, it's time to bring back the Queen of Winters.

Hirose's 14th single, "Strobe", is a song that I've heard although not as much as some of her earlier hits. In fact, I've heard it mostly performed by proxy...notably through the old NTV Saturday night music program "Yoru mo Hippare"(夜もヒッパレ)in which the singer's output was quite popular with the karaoke celebs.

There must have been a ton of practice needed for "Strobe" which was written and composed by Hirose. It wasn't just the ultra-high notes but also some of the rapid-fire phrases that folks in the karaoke boxes had to navigate when singing this one. I liked a lot of her work but I wouldn't have dared try singing any of them at the risk of destroying my vocal cords.

"Strobe" was Hirose's final song to date that has been able to crack the Oricon Top 10 weeklies, reaching No. 5. And of course, back in the day, it was another campaign song used for the Alpen company.

Skiing has been hard to begin this year in Japan due to the El Nino-like weather out there. I'm not sure if the young folks are ready to hit the slopes just yet. Speaking of which, I wonder who's singing the Alpen songs now?


  1. I really wish i could find a vid on youtube of this song as its played on 90.3 the core in Piscataway NJ north america. Or even just english titled aside or under or "dubbed" if you will lol

    1. Hi EFCpepperjack!

      Yep, I hear you about the videos. For some reason, whoever is taking care of Ms. Hirose doesn't want to have the full version of her videos out there.


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