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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Yurie Kokubu -- Refrain(リフレイン)

Hope you folks are enjoying your Xmas wherever you are. It's Xmas Eve here as I write this but Japan is enjoying Xmas morning while many commuters there may be "enjoying" a hangover after the annual hijinks the night before. We've probably broken several weather records here in Toronto including the high temperature which reached a torrid 15 degrees Celsius today. Definitely a Green Christmas here.

Anyways, this isn't an Xmas article. Thought it might be nice to throw in an 80s City Pop tune by one of the singers of the genre, Yurie Kokubu(国分友里恵). Found this one on YouTube, "Refrain", which happened to be the B-side to one of her singles, "Nagareru Mama ni" (流れるままに...Letting It Flow)from 1986. Couldn't find out who created the funky tune (love the bass as usual) but it was placed as an extra track on a remastered version of her 2nd album from 1987, "Steps".

"Refrain" doesn't exactly break the mold when it comes to classic City Pop but it makes for a pleasant enough song of the genre to listen to.

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