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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Sing Like Talking -- Tomaranu Omoi (止まらぬ想い)

Ahhh...the Sing Like Talking song that gets me right here.... "Tomaranu Omoi" (Endless Memories) was a track on SLT's 6th album, "Encounter" from February 1993, and it's some wonder that it didn't get its own official single status.

I absolutely love the piano intro and the strings that gradually come in have the tendency to get me lumpy in the throat. Of course, we gotta have the soulful saxophone in there as well. "Tomaranu Omoi" was another creation by members Chikuzen Sato and Chiaki Fujita(佐藤竹善・藤田千章), and the song would have made for the ideal theme song at the end of a great adventure between two lovers only for the couple to have to go their separate ways, although there is that "We'll always have Paris" feeling in there, too.

"Encounter" was Sing Like Talking's first of 2 original albums to reach the No. 1 spot. And for those who can access Niconico, the original recorded version can be heard below.

The old apartment

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