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Monday, January 28, 2019

Haruka to Miyuki -- Juu-nana Sai(17才)

Had my first anime-and-food outing this year yesterday with my good friend, and we had a lot to catch up on since he was out of the country for about a month. Namely, we had to finish up on a lot of the Autumn 2018 entries. So, we took care of "Zombie Land Saga" and "SSSS Gridman" last night.

Both of those were seen as the tentpole anime for last season and both were representing the two genres of slice-of-life comedy and sci-fi-adventure respectively. Of course, there is also another genre that my friend and I have explored which is the one for laidback drama. And for that, we had "Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara"(色づく世界の明日から...Iroduku: The World in Colors), the story of a young high school student with the potential for magic being sent back in time 60 years to 2018 to basically gain her confidence and ability with her powers along with her ability to see in colour again.

My friend chose "Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara" because of the brilliant art involved and Nagasaki looks so lovely in the show. But to be honest, it took me a while to warm up to the episodes since things were just moving a little too slowly and I really hadn't been sure about what the story was leading up to (my friend doesn't have the subtitled version so I have to often guess when it comes to these dramas). Happily, though, the plot sped up in the last few episodes and there was a very nice if somewhat bittersweet bow tied onto the series by the end. Furthermore, I have to reiterate that a lot of the scenes were manna from heaven for the eyes.

I've also grown onto the opening theme for "Irozuku", "Juu-nana Sai" (17 Years Old) by the folk-rock duo Haruka to Miyuki(ハルカトミユキ...Haruka & Miyuki). The chorus just draws the listener in and the overall arrangement matches the feeling of the show. It fairly proclaims its coming-of-age label and there is also that atmosphere of awakening to a new world. For me, "Juu-nana Sai" leans more toward the folk side of things rather than pop.

Written by vocalist/guitarist Haruka Fukushima(福島遥)and composed by pianist/chorus Miyuki (couldn't find out her family name), "Juu-nana Sai" is their first single on CD but it's their latest in 17 digital singles since their debut in 2012. The arrangement was handled by the duo and Yoichiro Nomura(野村陽一郎). Incidentally, according to a Space Shower interview via J-Wiki, the two of them met at a Rikkyo University music club.

There is another "Juu-nana Sai" on the blog from a few decades ago.

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