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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Maiko Okamoto -- Romantic ga Monotarinai(ロマンチックがもの足りない)

Listening to 80s aidoru Maiko Okamoto(岡本舞子), and this is her 2nd article on "Kayo Kyoku Plus", I'm coming to the conclusion that it's too bad that her career was very short...only going from 1984 to 1987. But that's the way the aidoru business bounced back then, I guess.

As I mentioned in that first article for her based on her 2nd single "Aitte Ringo desu ka?"(愛って林檎ですか), I think that Okamoto was quite capable as a singer but it also helped that she had a couple of mighty songwriters supporting her in the form of lyricist Yu Aku(阿久悠)and composer Etsuko Yamakawa(山川恵津子). Indeed, Aku and Yamakawa were helping her out here as well with this song, "Romantic ga Monotarinai" (Ain't Enough to be Romantic) which was the final track on her debut album "Heart no Tobira"(ハートの扉...Door to My Heart)from October 1985.

Being the melody guy and a Yamakawa fan, I really like the music for "Romantic ga Monotarinai" which kinda elevates the song a bit further up from the usual aidoru tune. It starts off with something reminiscent of Hideki Saijo's(西城秀樹)"Young Man"(ヤングマン)and then goes into this amiably bouncy pop which reminds me more of a creation by EPO.

Looking at Aku's lyrics, I'm not totally sure on my interpretation but I believe that they are relating a tale of a young woman who's envious of the surrounding lovey-dovey couple action but still wants something deeper than all that wooing. I guess the lyrics might be somewhat EPO-esque themselves. In any case, the album "Heart no Tobira" managed to get as high as No. 65 on the Oricon weeklies.


  1. Thank you for writing on Maiko. I’m having nostalgia for late 70’s and early 80’s anime and have recently stumbled on Magical Fairy Persia. The intro song really got to me and my daughter and we were avidly looking up the original performer of the song. It is sad that her career was short lived; her voice was amazing. I wish there was more information on her.

    1. Hello, Mellow Sada, and thank you for leaving your comments. If you are looking for nostalgia in general when it comes to music, then this place is a good one. :)

      Yes, after listening to Maiko, I was a bit surprised that her career didn't last very long at all. She seemed quite capable as a singer, but perhaps the fact that she didn't hit the Oricon heights and the music industry in general weren't too appealing.

  2. Yes it’s the way things go I guess. I’ve recently stumbled upon the tragic story of Yukiko Okada and realize that knowing someone has chosen a normal life over the glamour is a better outcome then a tragic end. Thanks for your content and response.

    1. Hello again, Mellow Sada.

      Although I don't have any direct connection with the Japanese music industry, my impression with the aidoru part of it is that it can bring you wealth and fame but at the same time, it can also eat you up and spit you out. Perhaps for Maiko, she may be counting her blessings.


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