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Friday, January 11, 2019

Satellite Young -- Take On Me/Sanfransokyo girl

Back in 2017, Marcos V. introduced the trio Satellite Young which specialized in "...hard-hitting and retro futuristic Techno songs, but also some great girly synthpop tunes...", and listening to their "Fake Memory" in Marcos' article, I also thought that Emi Kusano(草野絵美), Bellemaison Sekine(ベルメゾン関根)and Tele Hideo (a cousin of Daft Punk?) rather tapped into that blood vessel of 80s pop music in general.

Well, recently, I dropped in at the Japan Top 10 podcast site where one of the casters reminded me of Satellite Young with their Japanese-language cover of "Take On Me", originally done by A-Ha. Considering the upload date on the video on YouTube, I am assuming that it was released last year in 2018. Now, being a fan of the original song and the amazing video, I thought Satellite Young's take on "Take On Me" was fine enough, but not enough to replace A-Ha in my heart.

Actually, what I've really liked is their February 2017 single "Sanfransokyo girl". With lyrics by Yuka Oishi and music/arrangement by Satellite Young, I'm pretty sure that the band was inspired by the movie "Big Hero 6" which was set in that hybrid city representing two grand metropolises on opposite sides of the Pacific. Not sure if the target of the song's affections was either Go Go or Honey Lemon, but I would say that "Sanfransokyo girl" is a poppy romance tune filtered through the synths of The Buggles or Tangerine Dream if the latter band had drunk copious amounts of fizzy drinks.

Y'know...having seen "Big Hero 6" recently again, I would probably say that "Sanfransokyo girl" would be ideal for a date with Honey Lemon.

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