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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Meiko Nakahara -- Lonely Woman

Last October, I wrote about Meiko Nakahara's(中原めいこ)"Gokurakucho no Tehma"(極楽鳥のテーマ), another one in her long line of smooth City Pop tunes for the evening.

I found its trackmate from her March 1986 album "Moods", "Lonely Woman", and like "Gokurakucho no Tehma", it was performed, written and composed by Nakahara with Shingo Kobayashi(小林信吾)providing that urban arrangement. However, it doesn't have that touch of Latin although things are still kept very much downtown although it has retained that feeling of the late 1980s brand of City Pop with what I've been calling those champagne synths. Maybe the title might not sound so happy but, yeah, it makes for a nice musical accompaniment for a night drive through Tokyo.

Of course, Nakahara is our most cordial host as, is written in her lyrics, she will be more than willing to wait out in the rain to make our arrival. Hopefully, she won't have to take us to any place too expensive.

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