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Friday, August 30, 2019

Megumi Mori -- Mou Ichido Love Story(もう一度ラブ・ストーリー)

Oh, isn't that cute? That LOVE sign is (or was) located in Odaiba, Tokyo just outside of the Decks mall.

The only thing I knew about Megumi Mori(森恵), the 1980s singer and actress, was "Tokio Town"(東京街), the Eurobeat-mixed-with-exotic Asian tune that was on one of my old compilation tapes from Wah Yueh, and I think it was probably her most famous entry. Recently, though, I found this September 1988 single, her 5th, "Mou Ichido Love Story" (Love Story Again) on YouTube.

Mori this time takes things into a more latter 80s City Pop direction with that feeling of celebrating a night in the big city through a luxury sports car. As the singer fairly whispers and coos Etsuko Kisugi's(来生えつこ)lyrics in our ears, the crisp saxophone and the synths lead the way into urban good times with plenty of pedestrians staring in wonder and envy. Before I further end up waxing way too poetically, I will also mention that Takashi Tsushimi(都志見隆)was responsible for the jaunty music. "Mou Ichido Love Story" also ended up on Mori's 2nd album "Medium" released in April 1989.

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