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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

NASA -- Yuuwaku Zone 4425 (FILL ME)(誘惑ゾーン4425)

In the last several days, I've been hearing about this humanoid robot becoming part of the crew on the International Space Station. Apparently, its name is Skybot and although it's not quite as verbose as C-3PO, it is there to assist in some of the more difficult tasks alongside its human shipmates.

The preamble above is for one of my weird segues into something that is not really astronomically related but it does involve the word NASA. And here, I'm talking about the Japanese urban contemporary band NASA for which I was actually fortunate to find about, thanks to their song "Sexy Spicy Baby" which got included on a "Light Mellow" compilation disc.

I hadn't expected to find another song by NASA on YouTube because of the band's relative obscurity, but I did indeed discover "Yuuwaku Zone 4425 (FILL ME)" (Temptation Zone 4425) which was not only a September 1980 EP but also a track on their 1980 album "Sen'ya, Ichiya"(千夜一夜 THOUSAND NIGHTS, ONLY NIGHT)which also contains "Sexy Spicy Baby". The title reads like an erotic sci-fi thriller only available on a pay-TV channel but the music by NASA keyboardist Kazufumi Ohama(大浜和史)sure is intriguing. It's got the potpourri of Doobie Brothers, Yasuhiro Abe(安部恭弘)and even some country vibe thanks to vocalist Toshio Kamei's(亀井登志夫)violin. And speaking of that violin, it goes rather well with Jun Sumida's(角田順)guitar. Imagine getting woken up to this one on the ISS!

To introduce the rest of the band, there are Kazuyoshi Watanabe(渡辺和義)on the bass and Koji Miura(三浦晃嗣)on the drums. Yoko Aki(阿木燿子)provided the lyrics for "Yuuwaku Zone 4425".

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