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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Yoko Oginome -- Koishite Caribbean(恋してカリビアン)

The major thing that I remembered about this Yoko Oginome(荻野目洋子)single from May 1985 was the synth steel drum riff in the intro, and then the first couple of lines sung by her.

I gather that "Koishite Caribbean" (Falling in Love in the Caribbean[?]), her 5th single, was still before Oginome took on that famous dance-pop persona with the release of "Dancing Hero"(ダンシング・ヒーロー)since her performance of "Koishite Caribbean" seemed to be regular-80s aidoru sweetness and light. The lyrics were provided by Goro Matsui(松井五郎)and music was by Hideya Nakazaki(中崎英也).

The song only got as high as No. 24 on Oricon, but it did get fame in a number of other areas. It was used for a Kao soap commercial (though that was filmed in Guam and not the Caribbean) and also as the theme song for a Fuji-TV drama starring Oginome herself. However for some reason, "Koishite Caribbean" was then adopted as the cheerleading song for a number of athletes including Koji Akiyama(秋山幸二), a member of the Seibu Lions professional baseball team. How falling in love in the Caribbean had anything to do with baseball is beyond me. In any case, the song is also on Oginome's 3rd album "Kaigara Terrace"(貝殻テラス...Seashell Terrace)released in March 1985.

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