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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Junko Hirotani -- Hohoemi ni Nemurasete(微笑みに眠らせて)

I did say that I would put up some more of the tracks from Junko Hirotani's(広谷順子)"Blendy", didn't I? Well, that was more than 2 years ago...sorry. (🙏)

Mea culpa. Allow me then to pacify some of those Hirotani fans with "Hohoemi ni Nemurasete" (Let Me Sleep With a Smile), a track from that very same 1980 album. Written by Yumi Morita(森田由美)and composed by Hirotani, it's indeed a chamomile-level calming tune of the time with the singer's tender vocals and some of those appealing shimmering strings. Plus, one can't go wrong with a nice sax solo as well.

The song was also the B-side to Hirotani's peppier 3rd single "Blue Rainy Station"(ブルーレイニイステーション)which was released in January 1980.

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