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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Announcement - HTTPS

Probably not a major matter for all those who know computers more than I do (which probably includes 95% of the readers) but I got the following notification from Blogger.

Your HTTPS settings have changed. All visitors are now able to view your blog over an encrypted connection by visiting

Thank you for your attention. We now return to our regularly scheduled blog.


  1. J-Canuck, it means that if someone is paranoid about going to a fake Kayokyoku+ blog, he/she can now make sure that he/she is going to a genuine one and not a fake one by using

    It's the same idea about bank websites. You want to make sure that the TD Bank website that you're going to is a real TD Bank website and not a fake one.

    1. Hi, Larry.

      Thanks kindly for the information. :) Considering all of the (hilarious) spam mail I get, I can understand the situation.


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