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Monday, May 30, 2016

Ayaka -- Mikazuki (三日月)

This was another one of those songs that was all over the airwaves for months after its release. Singer-songwriter Ayaka's(絢香)"Mikazuki" (Crescent Moon) was just one of those ballads that especially pulled on the heartstrings as she sang in the music video on top of a light post. My impression is that a lot of folks will always see her in that position whenever they reminisce about the song.

Released in September 2006 as Ayaka's 4th single, the highlights for me are that intro, her vocals right at the refrain and that middle section when the melody abruptly goes into something more R&B. Yoshihiko Nishio(西尾芳彦)also helped Ayaka out in the composition of the melody which happily doesn't go overboard on the drama but fairly quietly enhances the singer's lyrics about that crescent moon overlooking a woman looking back and declaring that she will be fine after a romantic breakup.

"Mikazuki" hit the top spot on Oricon and became the 49th-ranked song for 2006, earning a Newcomer's Prize for Ayaka at the Japan Record Awards. Its popularity as a karaoke song was made perfectly clear as well since it was the No. 1 song on the Oricon karaoke charts for 2007. Hard to believe that it's almost been 10 years since it was released.
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